What is the Kendo UI Labs?


You use Kendo UI, but you may not always use JUST Kendo UI in your projects. Maybe you like to use Kendo UI with Knockout, or Angularjs, or even Backbone. Perhaps you need a widget that's mostly like the Autocomplete, but not quite. Even though most 3rd party libraries play just fine with Kendo UI, you may find yourself wishing for more, be it a custom DataSource for Breeze.js or a Kendo UI Widget that combines Autocomplete with a YouTube search. Whatever it may be, Kendo UI Labs is the home for those Kendo UI experiments and integrations. In this organization, you'll find a myriad of sample repositories and integration libraries that we hope you'll find helpful as you build web and hybrid mobile apps using Kendo UI Web, DataViz and Mobile.


Kendo UI Labs projects are "extensions" to Kendo UI meant to help you stay productive. Though these projects are not officially part of Kendo UI, and therefore not part of the supported product, they do leverage the in-depth knowledge of Kendo UI team members and customers. As such, you can be certain that each project in this organization has been built by people who know and use Kendo UI every day. What's more, because these projects are all open-source, you're more than welcome to get involved and help out if a project doesn't yet fully meet your specific needs.

Getting Started

Each Kendo UI Labs project is designed to provide drop-in capabilities for your apps, support for your development workflow or example implementations of common Kendo UI app patterns. Every repo has its own getting started guide, so feel free to pick a repo or two from the list below and visit the project pages for each to learn more.

Labs Projects

Labs projects are stewarded by both members of the Kendo UI team and Kendo UI experts from across the community. We want these projects to be useful extensions to Kendo UI for our customers, and your involvement is key. To jump in, just find a repo and fork it or file an issue. For general questions or comments, feel free to contact us on Twitter at @KendoUI. And have fun!

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Visit the Kendo UI Labs Organization (GitHub)

License information

Kendo UI Labs projects are all released under the Apache 2.0 license. This license applies ONLY to the project-specific source of each repository and does not extend to Kendo UI itself, or any other 3rd party libraries used in a repository. For licensing information about Kendo UI, see the License Agreements page at www.telerik.com/kendo-ui.


While this organization is supported by Kendo UI, and the projects within are stewarded in part by members of the Kendo UI team, these projects are not covered under the support agreements afforded to Kendo UI commercial and trial license holders. Kendo UI Labs projects do not provide official Kendo UI features and are not to be considered part of any version of Kendo UI (Web, DataViz, Mobile or Complete). As such, these projects are not officially supported by the Kendo UI team. Any and all support requests (via tickets or Forum posts) will be directed to either StackOverflow, or to the Issues list for that Kendo UI Labs project. To obtain support or assistance related to any Labs project, please visit StackOverflow, or file an issue in the repo in question.